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Hello and welcome to We Are Not The Agency. Even though our name is clear about us not being your agency, we could be very soon! With over 60 years of combined experience in the field of internet marketing, our team of dedicated experts is ready to help your business expand on the world wide web.

Our services span all aspects of your online marketing mix; from the proven Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Affiliate Marketing methods all the way to the much more hard-to-comprehend fields of Search Engine Optimization and Mobile Marketing. We have extensive experience working for some of the largest companies in the world in many of these marketing-fields, and are convinced we could help your business improve its results.

Obviously this site is more than a showcase of our work. The main fact that you ended up here proves on thing: we're good at getting clients to where they need to be: the website that enables the sale. If you want your web site to get more targeted traffic, holla at us, and we'll gladly give you a free quote for the services that we feel could be beneficial for your business.

Look forward to talking to you!

Geen S. Van Desselverbroeck
CEO and Portfolio Manager;


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